Kakapo: Rescued from the brink of extinction


Kakapo: Rescued from the brink of extinction


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Kakapo follows the fall and rise of one of the world’s most unusual birds, from the brink of extinction, through a roller-coaster ride of hope and loss. One of New Zealand’s most threatened species, these charismatic yet mysterious night parrots, are now found only on a small number of predator-free island sanctuaries in New Zealand and have been the focus of a remarkable world renowned New Zealand conservation effort since 1977. Kakapo: Rescued from the brink of extinction is a revised edition of the 2010 title of the same name, that includes all of the up-to-date details of the ongoing, innovative hard work of the Kakapo Recovery Programme, New Zealand’s flagship threatened-species conservation story. After nearly 30 years of intensive management by the New Zealand Department of Conservation kakapo team, there are exciting times ahead for kakapo, as the summer of 2019 will be the biggest kakapo breeding season on record. The author, Alison Ballance, has provided an informative and entertaining mix of hard facts, history, and accounts of the daily and seasonal routines of kakapo and their minders. This beautiful illustrated and inspiring book will appeal to anyone with an interest in ornithology and the natural world of New Zealand.

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Dimensions 200 × 250 mm

Alison Ballance

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ALISON BALLANCE is a zoologist, writer and broadcaster. In 2017 she was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for services to natural history, film-making and broadcasting. Since 2008 she has produced and presented Radio New Zealand's weekly science and environment programme Our Changing World. Before that she spent 18 years producing and directing wildlife documentaries for NHNZ, including the film To Save the K?k?p?. She has written 29 books, including Hoki: The story of a k?k?p?, and the biography of conservationist Don Merton. The first edition of K?k?p?: Rescued from the brink of extinction drew on her long association with the K?k?p? Recovery Programme and won the 2011 Royal Society of New Zealand Science Book Prize.



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