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Jylian Gustlin


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Jylian Gustlin’s work can be considered multi-dimensional and spatially multifaceted in color and boundaries, overlaid in complex fearlessness and combined with multimedia applications. Inspiration comes in many ways, however, Gustlin trail runs in the coastal mountains surrounding her home. The colors in her work come from the pallet of nature and is inspired by wildflowers, hillsides, green moss in the deep forest, tumbling waterfalls from recent rains, redwood trees reaching to the sky, including the deep blues of the shadows. This book covers the body of work by Jylian Gustlin from the last 20 years.

“Nature is the greatest artist” -Jylian Gustlin

`I know [Jylian] as exuberant, open, fun, funny, teasing, stubborn to the point of bullheadedness, and as a splendidly free spirit…and the viewer is the beneciary of the whole package.’ – Joan Baez

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Dimensions 225 × 270 mm

Dr Deborah Gustlin

Author Bio

Jylian Gustlin is a native
Californian and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been shaped by
the technology explosion of Silicon Valley and her art reflects her in-depth
knowledge of technology. She studied mathematics and computer science at San
Jose State University and received a BFA from the Academy of Art in San
Francisco where technology was emerging as an art medium. Merging her
understanding of computers and her love for fine art, she became a graphics
programmer and art director for Apple Inc. Jylian has been a fulltime
visualartist for over 20 years and is represented around the world in galleries
and museum.



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