It's In The Post!: Awesome letterboxes from around New Zealand


It’s In The Post!: Awesome letterboxes from around New Zealand



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What better way to put a smile on your trusted postie’s face than by requiring them to poke your mail into a pig’s snout? Why not give passing tourists a chuckle with a converted microwave by your front gate? When it comes to showing off our DIY ingenuity, Kiwis from across the country have risen to the challenge – of reimagining the humble letterbox.

This very Kiwi collection showcases the letterboxes of Aotearoa: from the classic to the crazy, the elaborate to the sublime.

From cool dudes to kombis, mako sharks to dairy cows, It’s in the Post! is sure to delight, get your creative juices flowing and deliver some belly laughs along the way.

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Dimensions 142 × 175 mm

Reid Rachael

Author Bio

Rachael Reid is an avid traveller, which led to her creating the travel website: 'A Curious New Zealand Travel Guide' and an associated travel blog entitled 'The Curious Kiwi'. A letterbox painted with daisies in Lyttelton inspired Rachael to look for quirky letter boxes on her travels and this collection is the result of years of letterbox hunting from Southland to the Far North. When Rachael's not looking for quirky letterboxes, she enjoys visiting unusual cafes, finding and photographing street art and spending time with her partner who is known to return from work trips with a letter box photo for her collection.





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