Indonesian Cooking: Satays, Sambals and More: Homestyle Recipes with the True Taste of Indonesia


Indonesian Cooking: Satays, Sambals and More: Homestyle Recipes with the True Taste of Indonesia


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Bring the exotic flavours of Indonesia home with the help of Indonesian Cooking!

These easy-to-follow recipes are designed for cooks to try their hand at authentic, flavourful recipes from a rich cuisine. Indonesian food is largely unexplored in many Western countries – be the first of your friends to discover delicious recipes from the fabled Spice Islands.

The dishes in Indonesian Cooking range from the familiar Chicken and Beef Satays, Fresh Steamed Vegetables with Peanut Dressing (Gado-Gado) and Nasi Goreng (Traditional Indonesian Fried Rice) to more exotic dishes like Spicy Lemongrass Beef, Burned Sugar Pork and Grilled Swordfish with Fragrant Yellow Rice.

Authentic Indonesian recipes include:

Chicken and Potato Croquettes
Oxtail Soup
Avocado and Smoked Salmon Salad
Banjar Chicken Steak
Grilled Swordfish with Fragrant Yellow Rice
Classic Nasi Goreng
Sambal Eggplant
Dutch-Indo Crepes with Palm Sugar

All of the ingredients can be found in any well-stocked supermarket. However, author Dina Yuen has included substitutes for those that may be more difficult to find, as well as a list of resources for online stores and mail order ingredients.

As the world’s largest and most diverse archipelago, Indonesia is a vibrant, multi-layered nation. Now, cooks all over the world can bring those traits to their home-cooked meals.

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Dina Yuen

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Dina Yuen was so fascinated by the cuisine of her country that at 12-years-old she became the youngest student at one of Indonesia's foremost culinary centres. After her studies there she went on to study under the tutelage of the top chefs at Indonesia's top tourist destinations. It is her great love for the foods of this huge island nation that drove her to create the recipes in this book celebrating the diversity of Indonesia. Glenn Chu, owner of the famous Honolulu Restaurant, Indigo. Indigo has received world recognition with Chef Glenn Chu's appearances on both local and national cooking programs, and through national gourmet publications including Bon Appetit, Gourmet Magazine and Conde Nast.



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