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I Love Mondays


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Out of the worlds one billion full time workers only 15% are engaged in our work. That means a massive 85% of us are unhappy in our jobs.

Is it possible to do work we love and get paid for it? Why do so many of us dislike our job and what’s the impact on our health and happiness? Society models a version of career success that revolves around status, titles and salary not passion, purpose and happiness.

This book uncovers the secret to finding work you love and if that’s not your current job, how to find a new one. Including 20 case studies from everyday people who’ve done just that.

Master the art of work-life balance and get the job you’ve dreamed of. Discover the joy of finding meaning and purpose in the work that you do, working for a company that aligns with your values, with people you trust, where you get to use your skills and learn.

Experience what it feels like to jump out of bed every Monday morning knowing you make a difference and sustain high performance to continue to grow in a career you love.

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