I Can Fly in the Sky


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I Can Fly in the Sky


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One day, Little Mo found an injured little bird in her backyard, and she spent all her time nursing the bird back to health. They quickly became friends, so when it was time for the little bird to take flight again, he didn’t want to leave without someone to keep him company.

Little Mo’s father came up with a great idea: since Little Mo couldn’t go with the bird, they’d make a friend for him that could fly. Little Mo and her father immediately set to work, creating and painting a bamboo bird friend.

As the bamboo bird and little bird took off into the sky together, the bamboo bird seemed to have a truly magical quality. It was able to change shapes, and eventually became a kite, soaring through the sky, while always keeping the little bird company.

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Dimensions 235 × 229 mm

Lin Xin

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Having established Sanmu Tang Studio in Shijiazhuang in 2003, Lin Xin specializes in the design and drawing of children's book illustrations. He has authored more than ten books, including Celebrating Chinese Festivals and Chinese Zodiac Animals, which were published in both Chinese and English.



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