I am Doodle Cat


I am Doodle Cat


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Doodle Cat is a confident squiggle. He really enjoys being red, and is just about the proudest drawing you’ll ever find. Here to encourage imagination, celebrating the things you love and finding the magic in silliness, Doodle Cat is the kind of pal that helps you find the greatness in pretty much everything. Who doesn’t want one of those? Also his best friend is a pangolin. If you want your child, parent or general favourite person to learn what a pangolin is, or simply be reminded of the universe’s wonderfulness, then follow the Doodle Cat method: open up the book, celebrate lentils, educate yourself on atoms and feel happiness rise in your chest.

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Dimensions 214 × 214 mm

Kat Patrick

Author Bio

Kat Patrick's central occupation are words: editing online magazine Always Sometimes Anytime, while fitting in a light festival (Art in the Dark) and freelancing in between. She has an unending knowledge of books, films and sub-culture, and can often be found in lively debates in various jaunts around Auckland. Lauren Marriott or 'Ralphi' is an avid doodler and cat fan currently based in Auckland. In 2007 Lauren graduated from Massey University with a first class Honours Degree in Design majoring in Illustration. In her time as a graphic designer she has worked together with some fantastic brands and built working relationships with some of the country's leading advertising agencies, magazines and fellow creative types. Now she is doing what she loves most, drawing and lots of it.





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