How To Tie A Tie: The Gentleman's Guide to the Perfect Knot


How To Tie A Tie: The Gentleman’s Guide to the Perfect Knot


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Learn the art of impeccably tied neckwear with this guide to the 20 knots that every man should know.

This indispensible companion for the well-dressed man takes you through 20 essential knots, from the bow tie and four-in-hand to the trinity and the Windsor. Easy-to-follow illustrations show you, step by step, how to tie the perfect tie every time. A short introduction lays out all the fundamentals: collar styles, fabrics, patterns, construction, the right tie for the right occasion, how to wear and care for ties to keep them in excellent condition, and more. Brimming with fun facts and witty quotes, and packed with useful advice, this must-have handbook will help you look your very best.

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