Haunted Houses: Two Novels by Charlotte Riddell


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Haunted Houses: Two Novels by Charlotte Riddell


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From the once-popular yet unfairly neglected Victorian writer Charlotte Riddell comes a pair of novels which cleverly upholster the familiar furniture of the `haunted house’ story.
In `An Uninhabited House’, the hauntings are seen through the perspective of the solicitors who hold the deed of the property. Here we find a shrewd comedic skewering of this host of scriveners and clerks, and a realist approach to the consequences of a `haunted house’ – how does one let such a property? Slowly the safer world of commerce and law gives way as the encounter with the supernatural entity becomes more and more unavoidable…
In `Fairy Water’, Riddell again subverts the expectations of the reader, suggesting a complex moral character for her haunting spirit. Her writing style is succinct and witty, rendering the story a spirited and approachable read despite its age.

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Charlotte Riddell

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Charlotte Riddell (1832-1906) was an exceptionally popular Irish-born writer of over 50 books and numerous short stories. She was part-owner and editor of the London literary journal St James's Magazine and a renowned figure of the literary canvas of late-Victorian England.



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