Gyoza: The Ultimate Dumpling Cookbook: 50 Recipes from Tokyo's Gyoza King --Pot Stickers, Dumplings, Spring Rolls and More!


Gyoza: The Ultimate Dumpling Cookbook: 50 Recipes from Tokyo’s Gyoza King –Pot Stickers, Dumplings, Spring Rolls and More!


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Gyoza dumplings are the ultimate Asian comfort food. Whether eaten in an exclusive restaurant or at a humble street stall, these tasty morsels burst with flavor and are impossible to resist.

Dumplings are surprisingly easy to make once you learn a few basic techniques. And they come in a wide array of shapes and fillings, so the possibilities are endless. This book contains 50 surprising dumpling recipes, including:

Shiitake Mushroom Dumplings

Bacon and Cheese Carbonara Dumplings

Lamb and Coriander Dumplings

And many more including dessert recipes.

Step-by-step instructions, photos, and helpful tips show you how to wrap dumplings like the “Gyoza King” himself. Impress your friends and family at your next casual gathering or major event with these satisfying and easy-to-make morsels!

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Paradise Yamamoto

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Paradise Yamamoto is the known as the Gyoza King and his exclusive Tokyo-based, members-only, reservations-only hideout known as Mamgyoen (Vine Garden) operates at an undisclosed location and serves a maximum of nine diners each night at a single table. Big-name celebrities are among the fans of his irresistible dumpling creations. When he's not preparing outrageously delicious Gyoza for his exclusive clientele, Paradise fulfils his role as Japan's first official World Santa Claus Congress representative, visiting children's hospitals and homes and appearing on TV and radio broadcasts during the holiday season. He is also a mambo artist and creator of mambonsai (a term he coined); a pop-culture riff on the traditional Japanese art of bonsai, where miniature plant scenes are supplemented with fanciful or kitschy figurines.



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