Grab ya boots! We're going a-hunting: A cool collection of adventure stories


Grab ya boots! We’re going a-hunting: A cool collection of adventure stories


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Marion teams up with her hunting-mad son, Jason, and young Kiwi hunters to present an exciting
collection of sporting and adventure stories, poems and ‘a million things hunters should know’.
Grab ya Boots will suit any intermediate child who loves the outdoors and loves adventure but
who doesn’t like to read a whole book. Some of the most heart-warming tales are about the
unconditional love between a hunter and their dog. The book is illustrated with photographs, and
quirky sketches by West Coast artist Robyn Hoglund.
Each yarn might be true or partly true, or totally made up, and a cartoon story has been thrown
in for good measure. There’s a bit of fishing – like the great snapper story – and the tragedy of
twin hunters who, like their grandfather, ‘pass it on’. And even an unusual myth relating to possum
fur and an African hunt. Most exciting and fresh are stories straight from the pens of our young
huntsmen, every one with a photograph of them with their quarry.
Grab Ya Boots! encourages children to put away their mobile phones, unplug themselves from
technology and read. As they do, they’ll be transported into the world of brave, bold, courageous,
fearful and funny stories – even jokes. They’ll be entertained and enthralled, and when they are
finished, you can bet on them rushing outside to grab their boots.

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