Golf Buddy: All You Need to Stay on Course


Golf Buddy: All You Need to Stay on Course


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How often have you been on a golf course and for no obvious reason have started hooking, slicing or shanking? No matter how hard you try, you can?t work out the cause or, more importantly, the cure. You could consult a golf manual, but not until your round is over. With Golf Buddy you can get an instant diagnosis and remedy while you are on the course. It is also ideal for the driving range, when you have time to work further on your technique. Golf Buddy slips easily into your pocket or golf bag and lists all of the game’s most common ailments; explaining causes and providing cures. Carry it with you and you will always be on course to play better golf! Handy on-course guide to the common golfing problems: hooking, slicing, pushing, pulling, fluffing, topping, shanking, thinning, skying, rough, uneven lies, bunkers. Small, easy-to-read, flip chart-style manual. Dozens of colour photographs for fast analysis and correction.

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Dimensions 105 × 137 mm

David Pirie



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Spiral bound

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