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Flowers at Home


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Using cut flowers and an imaginative range of accessories, well-known Auckland-based stylist Sandra Kaminski shows in Flowers at Home how to transform a room or setting to reflect the mood you want. It could be as simple as a few hand-picked blooms on the dinner table, a subtle arrangement of delicately tinted roses or an extravaganza of riotous colour – it’s all about knowing how to present them to best effect. Whatever your preferred style, you will find endless inspiration in this glorious collection of opulent floral images based on the four seasons. Sandra’s early career focused on fashion merchandising, but her discerning eye for colour, design and texture together with her talent for creating beautiful settings with everyday items established a loyal fan base during her nine years as a stylist with New Zealand House and Garden magazine. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines throughout Europe, UK, US and Australia and her first book, Living Life Beautifully published by Penguin Books in 2006, sold in both Australia and New Zealand. Examples of photographer Geoff Hedley’s work can be seen in many magazines. He specialises in commercial and advertising work.
Earlier this year his work featured in the Auckland Fringe Festival of Photography.

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