First Steps 2 Keto: Getting started with a ketogenic lifestyle


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First Steps 2 Keto: Getting started with a ketogenic lifestyle


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It’s never too late to start living your best life…

Many people worry about having health issues that will impact their quality of life. However, it is our personal dietary choices that determine our long-term health and quality of life.

* Everyone has lost someone to poor health…

* Take responsibility for your own health…

* We are designed to eat ketogenic…

* Simple steps to implementing the ketogenic lifestyle…

First Steps 2 Keto provides information to help people understand why the typical dietary choices put our health at risk and how government, big food and pharma companies, and the education system have worked together to create a system that is good for profits, but not for health.

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Ian Prather

Author Bio

Ian Prather spent 25 years working 12-hour rotating shift work getting heavier every year. He reclaimed his health and opened a gym. He is co-founder of two popular Facebook groups on the ketogenic lifestyle. Social media has been the platform to impact many more people than working with clients one-on-one in a gym setting. He found a calling with a focus on helping the newest person get better educated on the role that overconsumption of sugar plays in our health and wellness. Having personally struggled through this process, being able to provide better information as well as avoiding common mistakes, is increasing positive results. Jim joined the US Navy in 1986 where he served for 13 years. He is a Gulf War combat Veteran, honorably discharged in 1998. After serving in the Navy, he became interested in sales and worked for many different corporations. During this time, he did not pay attention to his diet and developed type 2 diabetes. In 2016, he lost the front of his right foot to amputation. By utilizing the ketogenic lifestyle, he is medication free and healthy. Jim loves sharing his experiences and helping others learn the ketogenic lifestyle.



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