Feel Great & Live Longer: A New Zealand handbook for exceptional health


Feel Great & Live Longer: A New Zealand handbook for exceptional health


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Jason Shon Bennett lives by the philosophy that you can transform how your genes express themselves simply by changing what you do every day and what you eat and drink. Healthy eating is here to stay. People are becoming more and more aware that their health is up to them. The statistics are showing that we are dying now from mostly preventable illness: heart disease, obesity, diabetes and lifestyle cancers of the breast, bowel, liver, lung and prostate. They can all be prevented, but there are no silver bullets or magic pills that fix lifestyle diseases. You simply cannot eat yourself sick and then expect to drug yourself well. In this book, author and health researcher Jason Shon Bennett has condensed the best of his advice and philosophy into one easy handbook. This is for anyone looking to transform themselves back to exceptional health, whether they want to have abundant energy, lose weight, look younger or dramatically increase their odds of living a long, healthy life. A perfect book for those feeling tired, run down, carrying a little extra weight, wanting to come off medications, or simply wanting to live longer, look younger and feel great again!

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Jason Shon Bennett

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JASON SHON BENNETT is a health researcher, health coach & international speaker with over 30 years of educating and inspiring people all over the world on what he calls `healthy longevity'. He is the best-selling author of two instant hits: Eat Less, Live Long (R) (2014) and My 20 GOLDEN Rules (R) (2015), and the creator of Regular Intelligent Fasting (R). After years of asthma, hayfever, skin, bowel and digestive problems, he cured himself in his mid-20s and has not been sick since. Jason achieved overnight fame when he appeared on a NZ #1 talkback show in 2014, turning his designated time-slot of several minutes into a 90-minute interview with the switchboards jammed. He has since appeared on Breakfast TV in NZ and Australia, spoken in Canada, Fiji, Australia and Singapore and he has thousands of people following his health advice internationally. An inspirational speaker, Jason delivers his practical `selfcured and genuine' health tips with humour and a highly approachable, down-to-earth manner. Jason is 50 years old, a proud father of four and a grandfather of one (so far). In his words: `What my life is all about is teaching people how to live long, healthy lives free from drugs and disease.'





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