Eye in the Sky: A Drone Above New Zealand


Eye in the Sky: A Drone Above New Zealand



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Eye in the Sky: A Drone Above New Zealand explores the country from the air, ranging from 10ft to 400ft, in a way that is both unique and compelling. From wide elevated vistas of landscapes and land forms, to close intimate portraits of buildings and textures that conventional aircraft would struggle to capture. The first of its kind in New Zealand, this book adds an extra dimension to the idea of the classic New Zealand photo book and will appeal to wide range of tastes, from those interested in both aerial and drone photography, tourists, lovers of landscape and to those keen to see New Zealand in a new way. Each photograph is accompanied by the height, GPS location and date it was taken.

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Dimensions 230 × 260 mm

Grant Sheehan

Author Bio

Photographer Grant Sheehan has been captivated with aerial photography for many years. Drone photography is an obvious next step and he started exploring possibilities as soon as the camera technology caught up with the remote-controlled drone.





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