Enchanting Vietnam (2nd edition)


Enchanting Vietnam (2nd edition)


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With a coastline dotted with beautiful beaches, breath-taking scenery, UNESCO-listed world heritage sites, dynamic cities and species-rich national parks, this long, narrow country offers an outstanding range of opportunities for visitors from Hanoi, the capital city, in the north to Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest city, in the south. The delicious cuisine, renowned for its freshness and bold flavours, can be sampled especially in its street-food dishes wherever you are.

For cultural visits, the colonial heritage of cities such as Hoi An or Hue is richly rewarding; for wildlife enthusiasts there are the jungles, caves and monsoon forests to explore and for a less energetic appreciation of the stunning countryside, there are cruises around the visual drama of Ha Long Bay.

Enchanting Vietnam is the perfect introduction to this lively, vibrant and colourful country with its vast cultural diversity and abundance of natural and leisure time attractions

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David Bowden

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David Bowden is a freelance journalist based in Malaysia, specializing in travel and the environment. While Australian, he's been living in Asia longer than he can remember, and returns to his home country as a tourist. He's the author of Enchanting Australia, Enchanting Bali & Lombok, Enchanting Borneo, Enchanting Langkawi, Enchanting Malaysia, Enchanting Penang, Enchanting Singapore and Enchanting Vietnam also in this series.



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