Enchanting Cambodia (2nd edition)


Enchanting Cambodia (2nd edition)


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Cambodia, home of the great Khmer civilization which created the vast temple complex at Angkor, is one of the most fascinating and distinctive countries in Southeast Asia. Most visitors come to see Angkor Wat, lost in the jungle for centuries, and now a renowned World Heritage Site.

However, Cambodia has much more to offer in addition to Angkor, including the landmarks and temples of Phnom Penh, wildlife watching at Angkor and Tonle Sap, and a still-present French colonial heritage – visitors arriving at Phnom Penh international airport may be surprised to find French taking precedence over English on the arrival signs, and the aroma of coffee and croissants in the air.

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Dimensions 215 × 260 mm

Mick Shippen

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Mick Shippen is a freelance writer and photographer who lived in Thailand for many years, first in the northern city of Chiang Mai and then in Bangkok. He currently lives in Laos. He travels extensively throughout Asia conducting research for articles and taking photographs for local and international publications. He is the author of Enchanting Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand, Enchanting Thailand, Enchanting Myanmar, Enchanting Laos, Enchanting Phuket, Samui & Krabi and Enchanting Bangkok also in this series



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Paperback / softback

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