Edison and the Rise of Innovation


Edison and the Rise of Innovation


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Thomas Alva Edison did more than bring incandescent light into every household and industry; he created a world-renowned brand, raised capital to support research, and pursued patents on 1,000+ inventions. Through primary and never-before-published sources, including letters, lab notebooks, drawings, and advertising material, as well as historic and modern photographs, Edison and the Rise of Innovation chronicles the life and work of the man who engineered the modern world.

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Leonard DeGraaf

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Leonard DeGraaf is an archivist at Thomas Edison National Historical Park. Before joining the National Park Service in 1991, he was on the staff of the Thomas A. Edison Papers. DeGraaf is the author of Historic Photos of Thomas Edison (Turner Publishing, 2008) and his articles have appeared in the New York Daily News, Seaport magazine and Business History Review, among other publications. He received an MA in history from Rutgers University.



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