Edible Satire: French Cuisine With a Twist


Edible Satire: French Cuisine With a Twist


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This book is every foodie’s dream cookbook, a book like no other: a secret almanac of sorts of the themed degustation nights that have featured in Isadora Chai’s venue, Bistro a Table, in Kuala Lumpur-a hole-in-the-wall venue that remains as the only restaurant in Malaysia to have themed degustation dinners every month.
Resplendent with stunningly detailed photography, Isadora Chai’s cookbook explores her gastro gourmand’s take on a delicious array of superbly satirical but infinitely edible recipes. She details many sophisticated-very passionate-and innovative culinary surprises, including a wide range of dishes directly reversed, such as the Reversed Sushi and the Reversed Root Beer Float, where the proportions of the components and the composition of well-known dishes are reversed. Other menus reflect the heady worlds of politics, love and war no less. The book also includes a beautifully illustrated Manga graphic novel-by the author’s own hand-which presents an exquisite collection of dishes from the degustation combining modern Japanese food, subculture and art. Intrigued? This book is unique and spectacularly expressive snapshot of a culinary expert whose star continues to be on the rise.

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Isadora Chai

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Isadora Chai began her food journey in a unique manner: she graduated in Biochemistry, Biotechnology & Marketing (Hons.) at University of New South Wales, Sydney, and after graduating, she proceeded to take on many hats, from clinical cancer research to marketing in pharmaceuticals. After many years of confusion, she found vocational serenity in her original passion for food. These days, she effortlessly blends the roles of food stylist, personal chef, restaurateur and general cookery genius; frequently operating between Australia and Southeast Asia, residing in Kuala Lumpur and running her own little hole-in-the-wall, Bistro a Table.



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