Duck Hunting in New Zealand


Duck Hunting in New Zealand


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The opening of gamebird season – the first weekend of May – has been part of New Zealand’s history since the early nineteenth century and still holds an attraction for thousands of enthusiasts – over 30,000 gamebird hunting licences are sold in New Zealand annually. In 2005, non-toxic shot regulations were applied throughout New Zealand (eliminating the impact to the environment by the toxicity of lead) and this signalled the beginning of a new era for duck and wildfowl hunting. Range became even more limited and the challenge correspondingly greater. Author Gary Girvan’s passion for the sport expressed in a light, yet authoritative, tone appeals to both enthusiasts and newcomers alike. In Duck Hunting in New Zealand, Girvan shares experiences of hunting in a whole range of situations, gives information about the wide range of equipment available, outlines six steps to successful wildfowling, discusses the use of non-toxic shot and the need to return to the basic skills of wildfowling, and describes how to make a duck plucker.

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