Drawing Hands & Feet: A Practical Guide


Drawing Hands & Feet: A Practical Guide


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An essential guide to what is regarded as a challenging subject, this book will simplify and inspire artists to approach drawing hands and feet with precision and confidence.

Eddie Armer presents a comprehensive course that will guide the artist through everything from which drawing materials to use, through to mastering proportion, perspective, light and shade. The result will be the accurate portrayal of hands and feet at rest, in motion and performing intricate tasks in a variety of different poses. With his experience, knowledge and love of the subject, Eddie will teach you how to understand the underlying anatomy of the subjects and the whole drawing process with helpful tips and advice, exercises and projects.

This is an exhaustive, must-have book, a true masterclass from a true master of the medium, that will inspire any artist who wants to create realistic and characterful drawings of hands and feet.

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Eddie Armer

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Eddie Armer graduated from art school in 1975 and became a graphic designer. After a long career, Eddie decided, in 2005, to concentrate on his two greatest loves: art and music. He began dividing his time between running art workshops in the UK and Italy, and working as a musician.

Eddie lives in Kent, UK, and works with vulnerable adults through art and music. He also writes about drawing, and is a contributor to Artist and Illustrator Magazine in the UK. He believes creativity in art and music are intrinsically linked.



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