Cured: Handcrafted Charcuteria & More


Cured: Handcrafted Charcuteria & More


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For lovers of all things dry cured, Charles Wekselbaum has written an unconventional entry-level guide to the process. Drawing on his Cuban-Jewish background and inspired by flavours from Asia to Italy, this book includes recipes for pork and beef salami, dry-cured whole muscles like prosciutto and bresaola and more unusual seafood and vegan options made from salmon, tuna, figs, cucumbers and more. He provides instructions for easily constructing your drying and fermentation chamber, putting together the perfect charcuterie board, pairing wines and beers with the finished product and recipes to implement your favourite dry-cured ingredients.

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Charles Wekselbaum

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Charles Wekselbaum owns Charlito's Cocina, a producer of high-quality, all-natural salamis. He studied at the French Culinary Institute and has travelled to Spain and Italy to learn traditional methods of dry curing.



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