Complete Sinawali: Filipino Double-weapon Fighting


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Complete Sinawali: Filipino Double-weapon Fighting


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Complete Sinawali is the definitive guide to the intricate and highly-refined Filipino martial art of double-weapon fighting. The warriors of the Philippines have long been respected as fierce, courageous, and effective fighters, and the martial art of Sinawali has developed multiple-weapon fighting to an exceptionally high degree of sophistication. Preserved in Filipino dance as well as martial form, Sinawali employs sinuous, polyrhythmic movements, creating an almost impenetrable shield against attack.

In Complete Sinawali, Filipino martial artist Reynaldo Galang details the theory behind the forms and presents an orderly progression of drills designed to teach ambidexterity, quick and exact footwork, and special hand techniques that are the foundation of this exceedingly powerful martial art.

Chapters include:

The Origin of Sinawali
The Fighting Arts of Bakbakan International
Bakbakan Training Structure
Stances and Footwork
Warm-up Exercises
Lakbay Sinawali: The Central Form of Sinawali
Laban-Sanay (Free-Style Sparring)

Whether readers are interested in Sinawali for exercise, hobby, or as a means of self-defense, Complete Sinawali is their definitive guide.

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