Christchurch Ruptures


Christchurch Ruptures


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The devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch in 2011 did more than rupture the surface of the city, argues historian Katie Pickles. It created a definitive endpoint to a history shaped by omission, by mythmaking, and by ideological storytelling. In this multi-layered BWB Text, Pickles uncovers what was lost that February day, drawing out the different threads of Christchurch’s colonial history and demonstrating why we should not attempt to knit them back together. This is an incisive analysis of the way a city’s character is interlinked with its geo-spatial appearance: when the latter changes, so too must the former.

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Kate. Pickles

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Katie Pickles is Professor of History at the University of Canterbury. Katie graduated as a senior scholar with a double major in History and Geography from the University of Canterbury in 1989.



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