Choose Your Wine In 7 Seconds


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Choose Your Wine In 7 Seconds


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Red or white? Cabernet or merlot? Light or bold? What to pair with which food? Drinking great wine may not be hard, but finding and buying a great wine can cause even the most experienced aficionado a great deal of anxiety. Featuring a simple, user-friendly and intuitive approach that reduces to a bare minimum lengthy, florid wine descriptions in favour of imparting all the important details in pictograms and illustrations, this new approach to finding and selecting wine is packed with information and encouragement, empowering decision-making with practical knowledge and confidence.

Compiled by one of France’s most important authorities on wine, the best and most popular global wines summarised and demystified in easy to use pictograms allowing anyone to quickly choose the right wine for any occasion based on taste, budget, and menu in just 7 seconds.

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S. Rosa

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Stephane Rosa is the director of the annual Hachette Guide to Wines (Guide Hachette des Vins), which has been considered to be France's most authoritative guide to wine for over 30 years and is commonly referred to as the bible of the French wine industry.

Jess Grinneiser is a designer and illustrator based in Paris. He specialises in both publications and web design.



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