Buttercream Petals: Vibrant Flowers for Stunning Cakes Using Piping and Palette-Knife Painting


Buttercream Petals: Vibrant Flowers for Stunning Cakes Using Piping and Palette-Knife Painting


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Master the art of decorating cakes with buttercream flowers in this stunning book from cake artist and tutor Neetha Syam.

Neetha’s strong, vibrant style and novel techniques make her designs really stand out from the crowd. In particular, she has developed a unique way of working that involves painting the flowers onto the cake using a palette knife, and the book will include both this and the more traditional piping technique to show how to create a multitude of flowers and how to decorate ten glorious cakes.

The book includes a materials and tools section and some basic cake recipes, as well as sections on making and colouring buttercream, preparing piping bags, and covering and stacking cakes. Projects range from cupcakes to one, two and three-tiered cakes, featuring Neetha’s stunning piped and palette-knife painted flowers, leaves and embellishments.

Whether you are a home baker or experienced cake decorator, Neetha’s designs will not fail to inspire you to create cakes that look as mouth-wateringly delicious as they taste!

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Dimensions 216 × 280 mm

Neetha Syam

Author Bio

Neetha Syam is an entrepreneur, cake artist, writer and teacher dedicated to helping people master the art of buttercream cake decorating. She founded the Buttercream Petals Cake Art School in 2016; she now hosts her extensive Online School for students from across the globe. She has won multiple awards in competitions such as Cake International and Salon Culinaire and is also featured regularly in various cake decorating magazines and food publications.

Neetha is also a screenwriter who has had her work produced by Channel 4, Arts Council England and other production houses in the UK.

Neetha lives in Coventry, UK. To see more of Neetha's beautiful work, visit





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