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Brigitte March Niedermair


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A fine art photography book accompanying a major exhibition (November 15, 2015 -April 3, 2016) in which is offered an impressive silent dialogue between the photographs of Brigitte Niedermair and Giorgio Morandi’s paintings.

The present volume is made up of two series of works:

1) The series of photos Transition Giorgio Morandi (2012-13) starts out from a reflection on the painting of Giorgio Morandi and his ability to speak to us about an open universe. Through the eye of her camera Niedermair looks at objects in the artist’s studio in an attempt to understand the tensions, emotions, and complexity of his seemingly simple still lifes.

2 ) The work ‘Are you still there’ concentrates on one of the largest works of funerary architecture in history: the pyramids of Egypt, monumental and extraordinary constructions that are a symbol of the passage between this life and the next. Brigitte March Niedermair’s research probes the horizon of the pyramids, a mysterious boundary between earth and sky, between the visible and invisible.

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Dimensions 251 × 276 mm

Gianfranco Maraniello

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Brigitte Niedermair, born 1971 in Merano, Italy, has been a photographer for over 15 years, alternating artistic research with fashion shoots for magazines such as Wallpaper, CR Fashion Book, Harper's Bazaar, and Quadriga. From the beginning, she has created images of exceptional perfection; her artistic language is rigorous and engages with the subject matter. Starting out from a work of staged photography in which she investigated the question of the female body and the transformation of society, she has more recently focused her artistic research in a conceptual direction. The experience she has built up in these two areas has allowed her to develop a coherent vision of great richness, which has made her one of the most sophisticated and thought provoking photographers within international art photography.



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