Botanical Brain Balms: Medicinal Plants for Memory, Mood and Mind


Botanical Brain Balms: Medicinal Plants for Memory, Mood and Mind


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The beneficial effects of plants on memory, mind and mood are now more widely understood. Classic examples include St John’s wort for depression, lavender for stress and gingko for cognitive function. This book uses evidence-based scientific research to show how plants work on different parts of the brain to help you sleep, reduce stress, improve memory and simply make you feel better. It will include descriptions of medicinal plants and how they work, easy plant remedies you can make at home (sleeping balms, aromatherapy oils) and alternative plant-centred practices such as meditating on a chamomile lawn, qi gong in a wildflower meadow, or simply walking in a forest. Beautifully illustrated and designed. Botanical Brain Balms will be a treat to hold and reach out to those who want to use plants to nurture and heal themselves, their families and their friends.

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Nicolette Perry

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Nicolette Perry is a pharmacognosist who has published extensively on medicinal plants for the brain. Her research into sage for Alzheimer's disease triggered a move to research central nervous system plants at Newcastle University. She is Director of Dilston Physic Garden and dedicated to conveying her knowledge of plants to a wider audience. Elaine Perry is Emeritus Professor of Neuroscience at Newcastle University and founder and curator of Dilston Physic Garden. She has written and contributed to over 400 papers on the brain including Alzheimer's Disease, aromatherapy, cognition and visual hallucinations.



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