Biographic: Kahlo: Great Lives in Graphic Form


Biographic: Kahlo: Great Lives in Graphic Form


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Many people know that Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was a Mexican artist, a feminist icon who lived in the famous Blue House and whose work includes The Two Fridas. What, perhaps, they don’t know is that 55 of her 143 artworks are self-portraits; that her painting Roots holds the record for a Latin American artwork, having sold for $5.6 million in 2006; that her love letters sold for $137,000; that she married her husband twice; or that she arrived for her first solo exhibition in an ambulance. This book casts a modern eye over her life and work, with an array of irresistible facts and figures converted into infographics to reveal the artist behind the pictures.

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Sophie Collins

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Sophie Collins has worked in publishing for over 30 years.



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