Beyond These Shores: Aotearoa and the World: 2019


Beyond These Shores: Aotearoa and the World: 2019


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In recent years, more people are calling for an independent, values-based foreign policy – and parties of all political stripes are looking for new ideas to achieve that. This book brings together a diverse group of New Zealanders to outline their visions for New Zealand’s role in the world. It sparks a conversation about how we can exercise leadership and influence in the international arena.

Contributors include: Fairlie Chappuis, Amelia Evans, Max Harris, Thomas Nash, Tina Ngata, Tulia Thompson and Dazheng Zeng.

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Dimensions 110 × 180 mm

Nina Hall

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Nina Hall is an Assistant Professor in International Relations at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (Europe) and a founding member of the New Zealand Alternative.



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Paperback / softback

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