Be Your Own Leader: At Home and at Work


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Be Your Own Leader: At Home and at Work


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“I think, therefore I am” Descartes wrote in the seventeenth century. As a result of all that thinking, our society has changed
spectacularly. But in our success in designing space shuttles and robots, and in living our lives with ever increasing efficiency,
we have somehow started overlooking the fact that people are made up of much more than just their minds. The unexpected
downside of society’s frantic progress and its focus on reason is that many people are left feeling stressed and empty. Both at
work and at home, they are confronted with huge levels of expectation that they simply cannot meet. The time has come to
rediscover one’s true self. By asking the right questions, this book will help you find out who you really are, to define what
motivates you and what you stand for. It will allow you to develop the necessary resilience to direct the story of your life, even
during difficult times. After all, it is only when our being and our actions match perfectly that we can be true to ourselves and
successful at the same time, both professionally and personally.

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Chantal Smedts

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Anneliese Monden and Chantal Smedts, founders and managing directors of Qlick, focus on authenticity, creativity and
results in their coaching and training. They always strive for the right balance between inner motivation and daily behaviour.



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