Barbie Boutique: Sew 20 Stunning Outfits for Barbie and Ken


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Barbie Boutique: Sew 20 Stunning Outfits for Barbie and Ken


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Sew Barbie this cute wardrobe of 15 stylish outfits and 5 amazing outfits for Ken! For Barbie, there are outfits for shopping and gardening as well as special occasions. Turn her into a princess, a prom queen, a figure skater or a kigurumi character, or dress her up in a Halloween or rock star costume!

Barbie’s stylish companion Ken can be a prince or a sportsman. He can accompany Barbie to the prom wearing his tuxedo, or join her on the catwalk in his fashion outfit.

The detailed instructions are accompanied by step-by-step diagrams and real-size patterns suitable for petite, curvy, tall or original Barbie. Using simple techniques and either hand or machine sewing, these fun projects are ideal for upcycling old clothes or making use of scraps of fabric from your stash.

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Dimensions 195 × 225 mm

Annabel Benilan

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A graduate of the Duperre Applied Arts School in Paris, Annabel Benilan is a stylist and illustrator. After working as a costume designer, she created her own clothing brand and opened a clothes shop in Paris. She is the author of many books about dressmaking, fashion and illustration. Visit her website at:



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Paperback / softback

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