Ask A North Korean: Defectors Talk About Their Lives Inside the World's Most Secretive Nation


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Ask A North Korean: Defectors Talk About Their Lives Inside the World’s Most Secretive Nation


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The weekly column “Ask a North Korean” published by NK News invites readers from around the globe to pose questions to North Korean defectors. By way of these provocative interviews, the North Koreans themselves provide authentic, first-person testimonies about what is really happening inside the “Hermit Kingdom”!

The North Korean contributors to this book include:

* “Seong” who came to South Korea after dropping out during his final year of university. He is now training to be an elementary school teacher

* “Kang” who left North Korea in 2005. He now lives in London

* “Cheol” who was from South Hamgyeongm in North Korea and is now a second year university student in Seoul

* “Park” who worked and studied in Pyongyang before defecting to the U.S. in 2011. He is now studying at a U.S. college

Adapted from the long-running Ask a North Korean column, this book sheds an important light on all aspects of North Korean politics and society, and shows that even in the world’s most authoritarian regime, life goes on in ways that are very different from what you may think.

‘North Korea is such an unlikely country that it might be a parallel dimension, and would even be faintly comical if nuclear weapons were not in the mix. The recent thaw in relations has shed some light on the power structures, but -little is known about how ordinary people lead their lives. Daniel Tudor’s remarkable book is a start on changing that. It is based on a weekly column, Ask A North Korean, published by an American online newspaper based in Seoul. The column invites readers to put questions to North Kor-ean defectors, and it is hugely popular in South Korea. The book is a series of in-depth interviews with four defectors, covering everything from politics to fashion.’ – The Australian

‘With North Korea once more in the news, this book will enable readers to empathize with a people often forgotten as a result of the bellicosity of their government.’ – Publishers Weekly

‘Given current headlines, historical and sociopolitical interest, and evenschadenfreude-laden curiosity, this is a valuable book … these voices deserve attention, compassion, and respect.’ – Booklist

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D. Tudor

Author Bio

Daniel Tudor has lived in Seoul for many years and served as Korea Correspondent for The Economist from 2010 2013. His first book Korea: The Impossible Country received strong praise and has been translated into many languages. His subsequent book, North Korea Confidential (with James Pearson), was selected by The Economist as one of the best books of 2015. Andrei Lankov is a Director at NK News and writes exclusively for the site as one of the world's leading authorities on North Korea. A graduate of Leningrad State University, he attended Pyongyang's Kim Il Sung University from 1984-5. In addition to his writing, he is also a Professor at Kookmin University.



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