Annabel Langbein A Free Range Life: Cheap Thrills


Annabel Langbein A Free Range Life: Cheap Thrills


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Save money, save time, eat well! Your complete guide to cooking and eating resourcefully and deliciously. The new annual Annabel Langbein A Free Range Life: Cheap Thrills is all about transforming simple, affordable, everyday ingredients into delicious, nutritious meals.

There’s food to cover all your day-to-day needs, from breakfasts with international flair and mains based around inexpensive mince and seasonal veges, to ideas for turning the humble apple into delicious desserts and baking, plus Annabel’s signature Fridge Fixings – versatile sauces and flavourings that pull all these meals together.

Includes recipes for different occasions, whether it’s making the most of a night in with a dim sum feast, enjoying a weekend away with family and friends, eating al fresco while tramping in the great outdoors or indulging in sweet treats made with a little dab of moreish maple syrup.

Eating with the seasons is one of Annabel’s cor­nerstones for being frugal in the kitchen, as produce is cheapest when it’s most plentiful. It also tastes the best and is at its nutritional peak, so eating with the seasons is a win-win all round! Included in the annual is a handy chart detailing which fruits, veges and herbs are at their most plentiful during spring, summer, autumn and winter.

There’s also tips for saving money, making the most of your pantry with smart food swaps, entertaining on a budget and minimising wastage in the kitchen. And six weeks worth of menus using recipes from the annual. Planning meals in advance is one of the best ways to save money on your food budget so these menu plans are a really valuable resource for saving money on your food bills.

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Annabel Langbein

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Over more than 25 years, Annabel has written and published 25 cookbooks and starred in and co-produced three seasons of her award-winning TV series Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook. It's Annabel's mission to get people into the kitchen to create simple, healthy meals to share with family and friends. Her lighthearted, down-to-earth approach, no-fail recipes and clever kitchen tips have earned her a passionate international following. Annabel's books have won numerous international awards, been translated into multiple languages and sold more than two million copies throughout Europe, North America and Australasia. Her TV series has screened in more than 90 countries around the world and is currently screening in the United States on the PBS network (the US equivalent of the BBC and home to quality programming such as Downton Abbey). In February 2016 she won the People's Choice Award for Best Home Chef in a TV Series at the US-based Taste Awards. A foundation member of the Sustainability Council of New Zealand, Annabel is uniquely qualified as a flag-bearer for the international sustainability movement, having spent her early life living off the land, cooking over an open fire, trapping possums in the Ureweras and jumping out of helicopters to recover live deer. You can read more of Annabel's story at Annabel grows much of her family's fresh produce in extensive organic gardens on the shores of scenic Lake Wanaka, where Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook is filmed.



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