A Splendid Sin: MIchelangelo: A Renaissance Affair


A Splendid Sin: MIchelangelo: A Renaissance Affair



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Behind the masterpiece was a love that defined Renaissance art.
Michaelangelo di Lodovico Buonarrotti hs risen into Rome’s artistic elite and the ailing Pope Clement commissions him to paint The Last Judgement.
When the artist Tomasso, a young nobleman, becomes his muse and inspiration. Michaelangelo must contend with the conflict between his growing love and his fear of eternal damnation. Rumours of their relationship head the paranoid Cardinal de Cesena to bribe members of Michaelangelo’s household to discover the truth behind the whispers.
Can Michaelangelo hide his feeling from both the church and himself, or will the Last Judgement destroy him?

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Dimensions 153 × 234 mm

Alana Bolton Cooke

Author Bio

After working s a registered nurse in New Zealand and England, Alana went to University and graduated with the MA in English Literature before completing a Master of Creative Writing at AUT. Her thesis was an historical novel based on the Frist Duke of Marlborough's military exploits in the early 1700s. She has had articles or stories printed in the New Zealand Woman's Weekly, the Christchurch Press and The Listener. A Splendid Sin is her debut novel.





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