A Remembered Land


A Remembered Land


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When life is not a romance novel…No matter what Louise Owen does her memories are always there, a stark reminder of what could have been and the mistakes she has made. Her only success has been her academic achievement, but now even her hopes for the future are threatened by the lingering effects of the past. It doesn’t make it any easier when she meets Cody Thomas, the brilliant university graduate with the gorgeous girlfriend and the golden life. Louise knows Cody could never be interested in someone like her, with her outspoken views, her vulnerabilities and her flaws. He deserves far better, and there seems no point in starting something that would have to end – but keeping Cody at a safe distance only reminds her of everything she can never have.

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Anya Forest

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I'm a New Zealand writer who enjoys creating true-to- life Kiwi characters and communities in my contemporary New Zealand stories, capturing the unique way of life of small- town rural Mainlanders. I've lived around the South Island (and Stewart Island!) with family originally hailing from the West Coast. Each of my books weaves in the southern places that have a special place in my heart, and the outdoor way of life that is such a special part of New Zealand life. My "Across the Strait" books are set around a family where all is not as it seems, moving through Central Otago and Stewart Island. My "Maniototo Skies" books are set around the plains of the Maniototo, dealing with the far reaching consequences of a moment of anger, and the nature of forgiveness – or not! My stories have a strong flavour of New Zealand – including the wildlife, the scenery, the music and art.



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