A Lifetime in Galapagos


A Lifetime in Galapagos


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Tui De Roy was a year old in 1955 when her family left Europe aboard a banana boat, bound for the Pacific to lead a different sort of life on Galapagos, one of self-sufficiency and living close to nature. She grew up on the islands and returned to them often over the next five decades. Discovering photography at a young age, she took her camera with her everywhere, whether she was scaling active volcanoes, diving among hammerhead sharks, or communing with Darwin’s finches. A Lifetime in Galapagos is De Roy’s intimate portrait of one of the most spectacular places on Earth, presenting the wildlife and natural wonders of Galapagos as you have never seen them before.

Featuring hundreds of breathtaking color photos taken over the course of De Roy’s life, this stunning book guides you into labyrinthine mangroves to observe nesting herons, to misty cloud forests to glimpse flycatchers and orchids, and into the ocean to swim amid lush groves of seaweed. De Roy’s lens provides up-close encounters with orca and sperm whales, colonies of iguanas, and the giant tortoises of Alcedo Volcano. She paints unforgettable portraits of her childhood in Galapagos, the islands at night under the stars of the Milky Way, sea lions at play and on the hunt, the diverse birdlife of Galapagos, and much more.

Blending striking images with vivid prose, A Lifetime in Galapagos also discusses the threats that global warming and other environmental challenges pose to the archipelago’s unique wildlife and fragile habitats.

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Tui De Roy

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Tui De Roy is a world-renowned wildlife photographer, writer, and conservationist. Her many books include Galapagos: Preserving Darwin's Legacy; Penguins: The Ultimate Guide (Princeton); Galapagos: Islands Born of Fire (Princeton); The Andes: As the Condor Flies; and New Zealand: A Natural World Revealed.





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