81 Lessons From The Sky


81 Lessons From The Sky


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Do you want to be the pilot who comes home after every flight?

Learn from the experiences of other pilots so you don’t become another air incident statistic.

81 Lessons From The Sky contains eighty-one easy-to-read, true stories from actual pilots, including what they learnt from their accidents and near misses. Eighty-one stories from around the globe, from the General Aviation community on their own near misses and their learnings.

All eighty-one stories have been selected and republished with permission from NASA, CASA and CHIRP, and include first hand pilot reports about aviation accidents from the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Eighty-one lessons learnt from taxiway incidents, refuelling errors, airspace infringements, cloud base confusion, reliance on GPS systems, storm fronts, military airspace incursions, and many, many more.

Each story is short and easy-to-read, written in the voice of the pilot who lived to report back. You’ll recognise the names of the aircraft, and you may have even landed at some of the airfields mentioned in these pages. Aircraft like the Conquest, the Pawnee, the Cessna 150, the 172, a Piper 6XT, even a Bird Dog, and others.

An essential read for all current and future pilots. And remember, safety first.

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Fletcher McKenzie

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Fletcher McKenzie flew solo in a glider at the age of 16, then tried parachuting several dozen times, before graduating onto paragliding, and finally obtained his Private Pilots License. He is the producer of the global television show "FlightPathTV" which is on air in over 60 countries, and travels extensively interviewing pilots from around the world.





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