51 Lessons From The Sky


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51 Lessons From The Sky


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Learn from the largest air force in the world – the US Air Force. 51 Lessons From The Skycontains stories from USAF pilots and crew who lived to share their stories of air incidents, and close calls.

If you enjoy Mayday, Air Crash Investigation or Seconds Before Disaster, then you will love this companion book to the best selling General Aviation book 81 Lessons From The Sky and the Commercial and Air Transport Aviation book 101 Lessons From The Sky.

51 Lessons From The Sky is possible thanks to the USAF pilots who served and shared their failings and misadventures.

All fifty-one stories are introduced by former USAF Test Pilot, Shuttle Pilot and Shuttle Commander Colonel Tom Henricks.

Real life unclassified stories straight from the pilots who lived to tell the tale. 51 stories about unique military aircraft, including the F-16 Viper, C, CJ, U-28A, T-1A Jayhawk, C-21 Super Taxi, C-17 Transport, C-130E Hercules, AC-130, HC-130, MC-130H, EC-130H, B-52, KC-135, KC-10, A-10 Thunderbolt, F-15 Eagle, E-3 Sentry, B-1B Bomber, CF-5, CV-22B Osprey and a T-6 II doing aerobatics, and includes a number of declassified stories.

It includes the Special Operations Squadron, 77th Fighter Squadron, 36th Maintenance Squadron, 58th Operations Support Squadron, 962nd Airborne Air Control Squadron, 80th Flying Training Wing, 25th Fighter Squadron, 18 OSS/OSOST, 47th Flying Training Wing, 40th and 39th Airlift Squadron, 43rd Airlift Wing, 32nd Air Refueling Squadron. With all crew surviving to tell their tale.

Read about complacency, maintenance issues, poor planning, limitations and fatigue, and dozens more easy-to-read true accounts of potentially catastrophic incidents narrowly averted. And the lessons the pilots, the crew, the ground crew, the engineers, and the co-pilots learnt.

Learn from the experiences of others so you don’t make the same mistakes.

An essential read for all current and future crew, aviators and air force personnel.

Remember, safety first. Order now.

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