100 Natural Foods


100 Natural Foods


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A modern, easy-to-understand cookbook and guide to the Compendium of Materia and Medica – the most comprehensive book ever written about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Compiled during the Ming Dynasty, the original Compendium of Materia and Medica text includes an encyclopedic level of detail, summarizing TCM’s entire history and practices through the mid-16th century. Though full of incredibly valuable information that has been studied and used for thousands of years, it can be difficult for a modern reader to distill.

100 Natural Foods has done just that, highlighting 100 common natural foods and their health benefits, including:

More than 100 recipes for the featured foods

Cooking techniques and uses for grains, meats, fruits, and vegetables

How to eat seasonally to enhance health and fitness

The relationship between characteristics, colors, tastes of food, and health

How to develop a personalized diet plan, based on lifestyle and body type

Simple and effective food therapy strategies for common diseases

Using food for health preservation (preventing illness and extending lifespan)

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Yang Li

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Yang Li is a professor at China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. She had been practicing medicine for 40 years, teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine for 30, and has published more than 30 books on TCM.



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